Working Through Grief Art Workshop

December 12, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Offered Via Zoom Video Teleconference
Kathleen Buso
(807) 626-5570, ext. 5573

Grief Collage led by Claudia Otto

Join us for this experiential workshop that will incorporate collage imagery to help us as we journey on our path through grief.

This can be a very challenging time of the year for those that have experienced a loss. This workshop will provide participants with creative tools that can help give voice to their grief experience.

Materials needed include: bristol board, a photo of your loved one, favourite quotes or poems, magazine images, sympathy cards, ribbons, stickers and other items for collaging, scissors and glue stick.

This workshop is provided free of charge and is meant for all those who are dealing with grief. You don’t have to be artistic to benefit.

Registration is required.  Please call 626-5573 for more information. The registration form is below.

The workshops will be held through Zoom Teleconference in the safety of your home

Working Through Grief Workshop