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Allison Skirtschak
Project Coordinator of Life’s Way
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Anita McDowell
Hospice Northwest Volunteer
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Clay Mosley
Hospice Northwest Volunteer
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Volunteer Testimonials

Katherine Poulin

A few years ago, after my training with Hospice Northwest was over, I was paired with my first client in Long Term Care. I had a wonderful experience with that client and now I can’t imagine working with anyone other than a resident in LTC.

I have shared many afternoons with clients; sometimes we are alone in quiet reflection and other times we share a joke or two over a cup of coffee and chat with other residents who drop by our table. I have formed many treasured relationships and I look forward to visiting with them.

I first heard of hospice work over twenty years ago when my mother-in-law was volunteering with Via Vitae. They would eventually change the name to Hospice Northwest. She now has Alzheimer Disease and is a resident of LTC herself. When I visit her we sometimes talk about hospice volunteering. It is one of a very few subjects which still engages her interest.

Katherine Poulinvolunteer

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