Hospice Northwest office is closed to the public due to COVID-19 but services are still being offered.

Helena Pulki

Many residents in Pinewood Court that are at the end-of-life stage have received gentle visits from the Hospice Northwest volunteers. The partnership between the two organizations started in August 2009. Hospice Northwest trains and supervises the volunteers and they have been available to us after a referral has been made by our Home’s physician. Of course, the resident and family have to agree to this service.

The experience of being fully understood and listened to by another human being is one of our most important human needs. In long-term care, staff do not always have the time to completely fulfill this need. Hospice Northwest volunteers have proven to be a wonderful addition to our care team. They have been very personable, compassionate individuals that have followed the dying residents in their final journey. They have provided emotional support and companionship for our residents. They have reassured, advocated, held hands, read, prayed, brushed hair, helped to drink, brought in pleasurable items, taken the residents for walks, laughed and cried with the residents. They have also given family members a break from their care-giving duty and supported them in their grief. Some have become a family that the resident never had. They have become friends to all of us.

Hospice Northwest people have gone above and beyond their commitment to the residents and their families in Pinewood Court. We have received a number of “Hospice Boxes”, decorated cardboard boxes to give out to families when they are taking home the most precious items after a resident has died. Last Christmas, they also presented each of our 128 residents with a handmade sun catcher made out of beads and crystals, to be put on a window.

We strive to provide excellent care to our residents so they can live in dignity and comfort. We also aim to make sure that when the time comes, they die a good death. Hospice Northwest has been an excellent partner to us in this mission. We truly appreciate everything you have done for our residents and families!

Helena PulkiResident and Family Support Services Worker at Pinewood Court