Hospice Northwest office is closed to the public due to COVID-19 but services are still being offered.


Thunder Bay Hospice Northwest Head Office

If you or a loved one would like to receive more information about the grief and bereavement or palliative care programs and services we offer, please contact us at our main office in Thunder Bay:

63 Carrie Street
Thunder Bay, ON  P7A 4J2
Phone: (807) 626-5570
Fax: (807) 626-5574

Hospice Northwest is a service rather than a place – a “hospice without walls”. Our extensively trained and dedicated volunteers deliver palliative care assistance to our clients in hospitals, homes, long-term care facilities or any other community setting.

For additional information, please contact:

Cherie Kok, Executive Director
Phone: (807) 626-5570, ext. 5575
Email: cherie@hospicenorthwest.ca

Kathleen Buso, Communications Coordinator & Office Administrator

Phone: (807) 626-5570, ext. 5573
Email: kathleen@hospicenorthwest.ca

Jyl Barclay, Client Services Coordinator
Phone: (807) 626-5570, ext. 5578
Email: jyl@hospicenorthwest.ca

Kimberley Ramsbottom, Education and Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: (807) 626-5570  ext. 5571   
Email: kimberley@hospicenorthwest.ca

Shaylin Moore, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (807) 626-5570  ext. 5579  
Email: shaylin@hospicenorthwest.ca

Our Regional Offices

For more information on our palliative care programs in your area, please call our main Hospice Northwest office in Thunder Bay at: (807) 626-5570 or contact the Regional Coordinator in your community.

Our palliative care programs and services are currently available in the following areas:


Laurie Heerema, Hospice Northwest District Program Coordinator

Office Location: Geraldton District Hospital
500 Hogarth Avenue West
Geraldton, Ontario P0T IMO
Phone: (807) 854-1862 Ex. 253
Fax: (807) 854-1568
Email: lheerema@geraldtondh.com


Cole Taylor, Hospice Northwest District Program Co-coordinators

Office Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital

Bag W, 26 Peninsula Road
Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0
Phone: (807) 229-1740 Ex. #278
Fax : (807) 229-1721
Email: ctaylor@nosh.ca

Terrace Bay/Schreiber

Mary Lynn Dingwell, Hospice Northwest District Program Coordinator, North Shore Family Health Team
Office Location: J.E. Stokes Medical Centre
Box 760, 415 Scotia Street
Schreiber, Ontario P0T 2S0
Phone: (807) 824-2934 ext 230
Fax: (807) 824-2758
Email: hospice.nsfht@yahoo.com


Laurie Berube, Hospice Northwest District Program Coordinator
Office Location: Nipigon District Memorial Hospital
125 Hogan Road
Nipigon, ON P0T 2J0
Phone: (807) 887-3026 ext 1240
Fax: (807) 887-3393
Email: lberube@ndmh.ca


Trena Roberts, District Program Coordinator
Office Location: Manitouwadge Family Health Team
Health Care Crescent
Manitouwadge, ON P0T 2C0
Phone: (807) 826-3251
Fax: (807) 826-4216
Email: t.roberts@mfht.ca

To facilitate a palliative care program in your area please call: (807) 626-5570 or email: kathleen@hospicenorthwest.ca