Frequently Asked Questions

Hospice Northwest and Hospice Care FAQ

Is Hospice Northwest a residential hospice with palliative care beds?
Is Hospice Northwest a part of the St. Joseph’s Care Group?
What is palliative care?
What is hospice care?
Is there a difference between palliative care, hospice care, and end-of-life care?
What is the difference between curative care and palliative care?
Does Hospice Northwest receive government or other ongoing funding?
Does Hospice Northwest rely on fundraising for any of their operating cost?
What is Hospice Northwest's annual budget and how is the money used?
Does Hospice Northwest only offer palliative care services in the City of Thunder Bay?

Questions about volunteering with Hospice Northwest

What does a Hospice Northwest volunteer do?
Can anyone become a Hospice Northwest volunteer?
How do I apply to become a Hospice Northwest volunteer?
Additional Hospice Northwest volunteer requirements
Why do I have to go through such rigorous screening to become a hospice volunteer?
I have a criminal record. Can I still volunteer with Hospice Northwest?
What kind of training will I receive if I am accepted into Hospice Northwest’s volunteer training program?
How many people attend each hospice volunteer training program?
Where is the hospice volunteer training held?
Do I need to have knowledge of death and dying, or have experienced the loss of a family member or friend to be a good hospice volunteer?
How much time per week will I need to volunteer?
Where will my volunteer work take place? Will I be able to choose the location myself?
Is there a fee that I have to pay to attend the hospice volunteer training program?
Is the hospice volunteer work emotionally draining?
What do Hospice Northwest volunteer duties include?
As a palliative care volunteer, will I be expected to help with fundraising?
Can I volunteer only for fundraising, special events or administrative work?
Will my travel costs be reimbursed?
If I have recently lost a loved one, can I still become a hospice volunteer?
I'm not sure I'm ready to become a hospice volunteer. Who would I talk with to discuss my suitability?
Will I have to administer any medications to my clients as a hospice volunteer?
What happens if I take the training, but then decide I’m not suited to being a Hospice Northwest volunteer?
How many hospice volunteers does Hospice Northwest have?
I live outside the city of Thunder Bay. Can I still become a hospice volunteer?
How important is the role of the hospice volunteer in a person’s end of life journey?
Once I complete the hospice volunteer training, when will I meet my first client?
What kind of support will I receive from Hospice Northwest as I begin my hospice volunteering?

Frequent questions we receive from clients and family members about getting services from Hospice Northwest

Do I need to get a referral for Hospice Northwest services from my physician or another health care provider?
Will I have to pay for any of the services I receive from Hospice Northwest?
Does Hospice Northwest provide palliative services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
I'm afraid that if I request palliative care services from Hospice Northwest, it means that I have given up, and I will die soon. Does death come sooner when someone starts receiving palliative care?
Are there any services or support available for me as a caregiver to my family member who is dying? How does hospice help caregivers?
Does Hospice Northwest offer any services for me after my family members dies?
Does Hospice Northwest provide any other community resources or hospice education?
Does the person receiving Hospice Northwest’s palliative care services need to be in the hospice unit at St Joseph’s Hospital to qualify for support?
Does Hospice Northwest only offer palliative care support to seniors?
Are only those people with a cancer diagnosis eligible for Hospice Northwest palliative care services?
Is Hospice Northwest affiliated with any religious organizations?
Can Hospice Northwest volunteers help me care for my loved one at home and help me plan for my loved one to die at home?
When should a family member consider contacting Hospice Northwest?